CD PUB’s activity revolves around “people”, and the fact that the agency is today a reference in the field of Field Marketing is largely linked to the quality of the staff that we provide. our clients.

This quality of service can be explained by a combination of factors:

Already, the quality of recruitment ; yes in more than 20 years we are starting to get used to targeting the right profiles with the skills in line with the position in question,  

Then, because we systematically require from our clients prior training of our staff on the product/service concerned or at least a digital brief . And for even more involvement and better understanding of the product by our staff, factory visits to our customers can be organized.

Red Bull training
Factory visit – Bofferding

And finally, because as a family business, we favor transparency and communication , essential values ​​to promote a peaceful working atmosphere and therefore the well-being of our employees . 

But this quality comes at a price! In fact, we are victims of our success because it is common for our clients to poach our staff directly… It’s fair game! And moreover, during recruitment interviews, we highlight this opportunity to encourage candidates to work at CD PUB.

We are therefore proud to tell you some beautiful human stories…

Success Stories :

Sarah – Sales Representative at Eltrona

From a young age, Sarah aspired to become a dancing artist, but the reality of life and its opportunities directed her towards a completely different field: sales.

Indeed, although she holds a Real Estate Agent-Promotion-Trustee certification, Sarah quickly realized that she was gifted in sales, a field that was ultimately predestined for her…

Looking for extras and opportunities, it was while surfing the net and on Instagram in particular that she joined CD PUB via a recruitment ad for various missions.

“What I immediately liked about CD PUB was the working atmosphere, the fact of being all part of the same family, of the same team! I particularly appreciated the autonomy I had to carry out my missions, while having the possibility of relying on my referent Lucas Amodeo”

After a few months at CD PUB, Sarah’s versatile and dynamic profile allowed her to be entrusted with diverse and varied missions such as commercial animation for Domaines Vinsmoselle, merchandising for Nespresso or even events at Luxexpo. …

Until the day he was entrusted with a mission at the Cloche d’Or Shopping Center on the occasion of the Eltrona Giga Week (all-inclusive internet offer)… The objective was to attract visitors of the day to the Eltrona stand. Eltrona thanks to our famous gripper machine.

At the same time, Eltrona management informed us of its desire to recruit a commercial profile within the city center store.

« In life, there is no chance, there are only meetings. » (Paul Éluard)

It was Yoann, one of the two managers of CD PUB, who contacted Eltrona to praise the merits of Sarah (who aspired to 40 hours in a sales role), and offered to judge her potential live during of the mission. It didn’t fail! Sarah made a strong impression and perfectly matched the desired profile, two months later she joined the Eltrona company.

Currently, Sarah works in the city center store and sells internet, TV and telephone contracts, she is also training in technology related to connectivity.

“I feel fulfilled in my new job and I am proud to be part of the Eltrona team. I would also like to thank CD PUB for opening the doors to this professional opportunity and for supporting me in difficult times, especially Lucas (co-manager of CD PUB) .

It is a real satisfaction for CD PUB to see its employees grow; and coming face to face with Sarah in front of one of Eltrona’s “GIGA” campaign posters made us even more proud!

Luca – Coffee Specialist Nespresso

Holder of a BTS NRC (Negotiation and Customer Relations), Luca aspired to enter working life as a Sales Representative without knowing what he wanted to sell . He had the opportunity to join CD PUB in 2016 through an acquaintance…

“Working at CD PUB allowed me to put my theoretical training into practice and discover the professional world. And then the diversity of the missions carried out, we never get bored, we constantly meet different people… a very enriching experience, both humanly and professionally. »

Indeed, Luca multiplied the missions: multi-brand merchandiser, cashier assistant at Cactus, sales facilitator for Bofferding, host in events or even restocker at Nespresso.

“That’s when I discovered a passion for sales in the world of coffee! “ 

After several months of collaboration with Nespresso, Luca had made a good impression with the team and the manager of the Belle Étoile boutique and was logically offered a sales position following the resignation of an employee at the same time.

“Today I feel fulfilled in the position of Coffee Specialist that I currently hold at Nespresso Luxembourg and I once again warmly thank CD PUB for introducing me to this internationally renowned brand.

We wish them “ Good luck ” for the future…