Who are we

Our mission

We love to meet the needs of our customers by offering solutions tailored to their budget , values and challenges .

In operation since 2002, our family company has established itself as a benchmark in field marketing throughout Luxembourg , with a presence in Belgium and France.

Our vision

Developing corporate performance and branding is our hobby. And we do all of this with a focus on customer satisfaction . Being responsive, providing advice and a true partner – this is how we do it.

Our team
Dominique AMODEO – Co-founder

Dominique loves football and good wines, but above all he manages the strategic directions of the company and supervises the consulting part of the business. His daily challenge? Adopting tools that allow teams to guarantee quality service.

“Enthusiasm is the basis of all progress.”

Carmen TORRES – Co-founder

Carmen loves swimming and Phuket, but she is especially passionate about human contact and the terrain. Carmen manages customer relations as well as staff recruitment. Her daily challenge? Customer satisfaction.

“To be yourself, you have to be someone.”

Yoann AMODEO – Managing Partner

Yoann’s passion is to pamper his customers. He is a man of the field, an omnipresent salesman. In charge of managing client projects, he ensures their smooth progress. You have a need? Yoann will know how to answer it!

“You always have to aim for the moon, because even if you fail, you land in the stars. “

Lucas AMODEO – Managing Partner

Lucas loves the tropical sunshine and football, but above all, he is the conductor of CD PUB. He manages the administrative, financial and managerial aspects of the company, he has more than one string to his bow.

“Coming together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is success.”

Valérie HOFFMANN – Logistics and animation manager

Valérie loves pastry and Reykjavik, but above all she juggles between her two computer screens, coordinates, manages and supervises all customer requests. She is the voice of CD Pub, the interface between customers and society and will be your first contact.

“Failure is only the opportunity to start again in a smarter way.”

Benjamin KLEINHENTZ – Communication officer

Benjamin loves popcorn, Tarantino’s films and Norway, but he is above all a real Swiss knife of the communication. He is in charge of promoting the image of the company and its customers: design, consistency and marketing are his drivers. And he is the one that gives you advice on  the blog.

“To conquer without danger, we triumph without glory.”

Alexandre TORIBIO – Accounting and administrative manager

Alexander has multiple passions; among others, cooking, karate and manga. His dream: to discover Japan… Alongside Valérie and Lucas, Alexandre is in charge of the administrative, accounting and operational management of the company. His key words: Rigor, Analysis and Team spirit!

“Seven times on the ground, eight times standing.”

Alexandra COUSIN – Saleswoman

Alexandra loves walking in the forest, practices Reiki and hates injustice. His dream ? Setting up an orphanage in Nepal. Dynamic, organized and responsive, she is a multi-faceted woman in the field. It analyzes your needs, organizes their deployment and ensures follow-up.

« We should try to be happy, if only to set an example. »

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