CD PUB was founded 19 years ago! It all started in October 2002 with Carmen Torres who decided to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure by opening her own commercial animation agency, supported by her husband Dominique.

Carmen’s field expertise and Dominique’s strategic vision have made CD PUB a benchmark in Luxembourg, today, in the field of Field Marketing (field marketing) and also acts in Belgium and France via its network. partners.

And the adventure is not ready to end! Indeed, the next generation is there to take up the torch… with Yoann, the eldest son, and Lucas the youngest, who respectively joined the company 9 and 2 years ago.

“It’s a real challenge that awaits us, both on a human level and on the economic balance of the company” confides Lucas.

As for Yoann, taking over the family business has always been his project but he wishes to demonstrate his legitimacy “I want to make my place and manage for myself”.

“We admire the work done by our parents over the past 20 years; indeed start from zero and see that today CD PUB is one of the references of Field Marketing in Luxembourg deserves respect! And it is notably thanks to the reliable management of the company that has enabled them to make the best decisions for the future of the company.

For this, we feel indebted to our parents for having given us a “healthy” working tool and the least we can do is to preserve the soul of the company and especially to perpetuate the work initiated by our parents while bringing our touch of innovation.

Our parents have always been role models both professionally and privately and have always been there for us despite a very demanding job. They have been able to transmit to us human but also professional values ​​which are essential for the good management of a company and we will obviously continue to consult them because their opinions are very important to us. “

Another big THANK YOU to them!

For Carmen and Dominique, the transfer is not an easy course to take, in fact, like many managers, they are very attached to their business, which they consider to be their “baby”. But, most important for them above all, it is the safeguard of the company in the long term, rather than the resale to a third person who is not necessarily familiar with the history and the DNA of the company. . Indeed, for them, the stake is quite different, namely that of perpetuating the company by passing it on to the next generation but also offering them a great professional opportunity.

“Leaving a trace of our passage in this land and passing on the fruit of our labor to our children, so that they in turn can develop professionally, gives us the feeling of work accomplished and real satisfaction” dixit Carmen and Dominique.

All we can wish them is: “Long live CD PUB ! ”